Solving an Aggressive Goat

The best method to train a goat to stop being aggressive towards others is a squirt bottle. Goat's hate water, especially when its sprayed right in their face. Be sure to use the squirt bottle as soon as you see the aggression rising or about to happen. If worst comes to worst, flip the goat as described in our other posts. Be sure to have the affected person stand above to goat when flipped so they understand that that person is off limits. 

Whenever children are involved with aggressive goats, it is extremely important that the training situations described above be under your strict supervision to ensure the safety of the child.

Goats that were previously friendly and suddenly became aggressive toward strangers are likely the victims of teasing. Kids and some adults derive pleasure from tormenting animals. Your goats will react the same as a dog which is tied near an alley and gets mean after being teased by passers by. Rock throwing and hits from sticks are enough to make a goat aggressive toward people they don’t know. The methods described above will stop the aggressive behavior, but the cause needs to be addressed before the goat is ruined.

Other problem goat issues: