Custom Aluminum Saddle

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This is the ultimate saddle. State-of-the-art resin sideboards are molded to perfectly match the contours of a goat, by using actual goats to make the pattern. They are attached to fully adjustable, machined aluminum cross-bucks, that are anodized for a lifetime of packing. The saddle is completely adjustable, allowing for simple width and angle adjustments, for a truly custom fit on any goat. This saddle is virtually indestructible and completely weather-resistant. An innovative pocket on the saddle pad houses the sideboards and provides a sleek finished look. We believe that this is the best fitting saddle made. (Patent #6530195)

This saddle does NOT include our exclusive saddle pads, which utilize a thick synthetic felt, with protective cordura cover in four colors, matching our panniers. They are soft and comfortable, easily conforming to your goat’s back. They help to distribute weight while preventing rubs.

Available in Blue, Red, Fluorescent Orange, Hunter Green, or Digital Camo.

UPGRADE OPTION: Select our Mountain Straps as an upgrade to this saddle. Our Mountain Straps are available for hard-core packers. This design provides more stability of the saddle in steep mountain terrain. Girth and rump straps come off of a 2″ ring set lower on the saddle to help them stay in place. Rump strap is stabilized with an adjustable britchen system and includes 3/8″ pad. Girth can be either the clamp buckle style or nylon webbing using a traditional horse “cinch” knot.