Minimalist Chest Rig

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Our Minimalist Chest Rig will hold 3x AR magazines and 2x pistol magazines.

This chest rig comes with an integrated front pouch that folds down and contains 4 elastic loops, perfect for holding many different things from multi tools to knives to flashlights to energy bars.

The Minimalist Rig is the perfect low profile setup, it can be easily converted to be used as a cross shoulder bag, tactical fanny pack or even a grab and go bag.

The tactical chest rig has a front pouch that can easily hold and conceal compact pistols and smaller (Glock 19 size and smaller) along with many other items.

IJ Tactical Minimalistic Chest Rig is a game-changer low-profile setup. This versatile rig offers a sleek and compact design that won't weigh you down. With the ability to hold 3x AR magazines and 2x pistol magazines, it strikes the ideal balance between functionality and minimalism. Need to switch things up? No problem! The Minimalistic Chest Rig easily converts into a cross-shoulder bag, tactical fanny pack, or even a grab-and-go bag. It's the ultimate grab-and-move solution, ensuring you're always ready for action.