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Don’t settle for cheap carpet remnants that do not offer the proper protection for your goat. Saddle Pads manufactured exclusively by NWPG utilize a thick synthetic felt, with protective cordura cover, in six colors, matching our Panniers. They are soft and comfortable, easily conforming to your goat’s back. They help to distribute weight, while preventing rubs.

Choose from our plain Saddle Pads, or our patented (#6530195) Pocket Saddle Pads, which are designed to encompass the sideboards of your saddle. The Pocket Saddle Pads provide a stylish look to your gear, as well as making it impossible for the pad to slip out from under your saddle. This pad will fit with any other saddle that you own.

Either option is available in Purple, Red, Blue, Fluorescent Orange, Hunter Green, or Digital Camo.