Problem Goats

Most problem goat behaviors are learned. It is a lot easier to prevent a bad habit, then to break the habit. If you have a problem with a goat, think about how it got it. Is it bored and trying to spar with other goats through the fence? Is the bedding area muddy or wet, forcing the goat to jump into feeders to lay down? Think the same way a goat would think, so you can understand why a goat does or does not do things. Observe your goat as it goes about its daily routine and try to use its natural behaviors to help teach it. If possible, prevent new goats from learning the same bad things. Be sure to start teaching good habits when the goats are young. Think ahead about what things you want your full grown goat to do and what things you would not want your full grown goat to do. If you don’t want a 200 lb. wether jumping up on you, then don’t let it jump up on you as a kid. With a little forethought on your part, you can have a hard-working, well-mannered goat that will be the envy of all. Below are tips to help overcome common problem goat issues. Good Luck!