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These saddles are top quality and well-engineered to provide optimum performance, while keeping weight and cost to a minimum. They feature red oak cross bucks that are tipped outward at the top to provide a wider platform for top load. By making them wider, they also keep the top of the panniers from squeezing in. The side boards are made from split resistant, lightweight poplar. They are carefully handcrafted, with a full bevel on the top and bottom, as well as front and rear. Don’t settle for “flat” sideboards on your naturally contoured goat. The top and bottom bevel allow these saddles to fit a wide variety of goats, from young narrow goats to wider full-size goats. The bevel on the front and rear allows for clearance on the shoulder blade and hip bone. To top it all off this saddle is finished with a hydrophobic clear coat to ensure longevity in the field. This saddle fits goats from 125 pounds and up. The straps are a thick supple nylon, designed to replace costly, heavy leather. These straps allow easy gliding on your goat to avoid friction rubs. Nylon is impervious to the elements and does not entice goats and rodents to chew them, like leather.

Strap Options

Both strap options come with fully adjustable buckles allow them to fit all goats of packable size.

Mountain Straps:

The mountain strap option is made for the more extreme packer. This design is made to handle deadfall, steep ridges and anything else you might get into. The highly adjustable straps make it easier and more comfortable on your goat for your peace of mind. The cinch and britchen straps come off of the oak crossbucks down to a 2" metal ring set placed lower on the saddle for firm stability. Along with a 2'' wide double adjustable cinch pad with spring loaded positive lock buckles for infinite adjust-ability. Included with these straps is a 3/8'' thick felt britchen that's fully adjustable with four tension locks as well as a adjustable strap connected to the saddle. All topped off with rust resistant hardware. 


Standard Straps:

The standard straps is a more simple strap set. Equipped with a single adjustable cinch strap, adjustable nylon britchen and chest strap, you'll be more than happy with this design. 


First Images are the finished wood saddle with mountain straps